Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Promise to lower Socadrome music in Woodbrook

There was a mutual agreement between Socadrome officials and CNC3 television for the station to provide exclusive coverage of the mas at the Jean Pierre Complex tomorrow, says Danielle Hunte, Socadrome media relations officer.

Hunte said that no one approached the officials and it was agreed that CNC3 would provide the service.

“It was an agreement reached between two entities for the public to enjoy a live broadcast, that wasn’t on the table before, it was an opportunity that came together, no one else approached us to say we want it,” said Hunte.

However, Hunte said that all media are invited to cover the event and there was a reserved area for 150 media personnel at the stadium.

She said there will also be live streaming of the parade on some websites such as triniscene.com.

She said CNC3 will be broadcasting the show live and has no involvement in the production of the event.

Hunte said everything in terms of preparation of the Socadrome was coming into place.

She said Socadrome officials met last Friday with Woodbrook residents to listen to their concerns and address those that were within their control.

She said the music will be turned down to a “reasonable level” when bands exit the Socadrome en route to Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook.

Hunte said she understands the plight of the residents as she herself lived in St James for many years and knew what it was like when bands pass by with loud music that “rock things in your house”.

Hunte said mas at the Socadrome promises to be a spectacular event and adults can enter at a cost of $25 and children are free once accompanied by an adult.

The Socadrome initiative was the brainchild of band leaders of Bliss, Harts, Tribe, Yuma who proposed that their masqueraders utilise the Jean Pierre complex to avoid the congestion at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

—Anna Ramdass