Tuesday, January 16, 2018

‘Proposals crap’

 Former prime minister Basdeo Panday, who has been advocating for constitutional reform over the years, has said the proposals put forward by the Government were “crap”.

In his Facebook post yesterday, Panday stated: “I told you so! Early in the day I told you that neither the Prime Minister nor the Leader of the Opposition wanted constitutional reform because they would prefer the present system that encourages racial voting.

“As far as Kamla is concerned the crap that she has put forward as an excuse for constitutional reform has convinced me that I am right. With respect to (Dr Keith) Rowley I am prepared to hold my pen and my tongue until I hear a proper response from him. If Rowley does not agree with Kamla’s proposals for constitutional reform, so called, then he must produce an alternative proposal,” he added.

Panday stated the purpose of constitutional reform is to correct the wrongs in the present Constitution.

He added the most important failing of the Constitution is that once the Government is elected, the people have no control over it. “That is because, under the present system, the Government controls both the Executive and the Legislative powers.

“We must separate the two. Without that, any proposal for constitutional reform is a joke at best and a fraud at worst,” stated Panday.