Saturday, December 16, 2017

Protest action continues in Moruga

MORUGA residents protested for a second day yesterday vowing to continue their action until the politicians meet with them.

Last year, Minister of Works and Infrastructure Jack Warner toured the area with Member of Parliament Clifton De Coteau and was shown the state of the road linking Princes Town south coast villages of Moruga.

De Coteau is out of the country but was contacted by a radio station yesterday, and was overcome by emotion, saying his hands were tied.

Villagers said landslips are threatening to cause the collapse of homes, and the dilapidated roads were damaging vehicles.

Residents of Fifth Company Village said a retaining wall that has been leaning because of a land-slip is on the verge of collapse and could destroy seven homes.

On Monday, residents of the villages of Indian Walk, St Mary's and Fifth Company blocked roads with burning tires and debris and picketed the streets.

They continued yesterday, blocking at least ten points.