Saturday, February 24, 2018

...Public upset over closure

Master drummer Peter Telfer said yesterday he was “terribly inconvenienced” by the shutdown of the Immigration Office in Port of Spain since he was preparing to go to a Cuban Music Festival with a cultural contingent tomorrow.

Telfer said: “About 29 people including Dr Lincoln Douglas (Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism) will be leaving for Cuba. I need to get my passport. Dr Denise Tsoi-a-Fatt from the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) will also be going. This is a huge inconvenience. I was hungry. So I know the pain of waiting. They will have to work out something.”

United States citizen Suzette LeGendre said she had applied for her passport and desperately needed the document to return to New York. Tasha Fletcher, a Trini teacher in Dubai, said she had to get her passport here, because there was no consulate to assist her in the Middle East. “I can go back without my documents,” she said.

Differently-abled Anthony Holder who made the trek from Arouca said he needed to travel to purchase his medication.

A small crowd of people turned up and stood around looking dazed and confused when they realised the doors to the Immigration Office were closed. To compound it, they could not get any information regarding an interim location.

Opposite, a trade unionist from Communication Workers’ Union (CWU), who was looking on, said: “It is a fact. There are many buildings that are sub-standard. If we are thinking about developed nation status, we need to get the buildings up to par. We had a meeting this morning about a May 23 protest march.”