Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pundit: Don’t be the judge


Tragic end: Pundit Sunil Seetahal Maharaj, second from right, performs arti  during yesterday’s  funeral service for Sanjeev Rambarran at Belgrove’s Funeral Home and Crematorium on Coffee Street, San  Fernando. —Photo: TREVOR WATSON

Mark Fraser

People should not be judgmental of Sanjeev Rambarran who killed his ex-wife Dian Paladee before committing suicide because everyone has a problem of some sort.

And they need to stop blaming the government for every wrong that takes place in the country and take responsibility for their actions.

This is according to Pundit Sunil Seetahal-Maharaj who officiated the funeral service for Rambarran yesterday.

Paladee, 48, was found shot dead at the hands of her ex-husband at a St Augustine apartment Friday.

Rambarran turned his licensed firearm on himself.

Paladee was the daughter of Lall Paladee, the founder of retail chain Pennywise Cosmetics.

Rambarran’s service and internment took place at Belgrove’s Funeral Home and Crematorium, Coffee Street, San Fernando.

Seetahal-Maharaj said conducting the funeral service was one of the most difficult funeral services he had to conduct because he knew both Rambarran and Paladee well.

He said there were many opinions formed about Rambarran and stories told concerning the tragedy but citizens needed to face reality.

“We will stand and judge Sanjeev but every single one of us here has a problem.”

Depression was a major factor that caused people to act irrationally. He urged mourners to “talk out” their problems instead of keeping emotions stifled.

Rambarran’s two children, Sangeeta and Sanjay, were present for the service.

Sangeeta spoke briefly about her parents.

All the stories and opinions being formed concerning the situation did not matter anymore and she said not even she knew exactly what caused her father to commit such an act.

She said she and her brother will hold on to the good memories created by their parents and requested love and support from mourners.

Today, Paladee’s funeral service will be held at her home in Tunapuna.