Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pupil suspended after attack on teacher


SHOCKED AND IN PAIN: Former TTUTA Tobago officer Ruthlyn Antoine who was beaten last Thursday, on the compound of the Scarborough Secondary School in Tobago.

Mark Fraser

Police are investigating an incident in Tobago where a Form Two pupil of the Scarborough Secondary School allegedly beat a physical education teacher on the school’s compound last Thursday.

The pupil has been suspended.

Police reports said that former Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) Tobago officer and current teacher and dean at the school, Ruthlyn Antoine, was beaten and knocked to the ground by the pupil.

The incident occurred on the first form block.

Scarborough police reports stated that Antoine heard a commotion on the block just after the break period on Thursday morning.

She went to investigate, and was standing in a classroom door when the pupil ran into her.

She held the pupil and attempted to speak to her.

But the pupil counted to three and proceeded to cuff Antoine in her face, knocking her to the floor, where she was repeatedly punched about the body. A dazed Antoine left the school compound and made a report to the Scarborough Police Station.

SRP Jack is investigating the matter.  

Contacted for a comment, Antoine told the Express she remains in shock and pain since the attack.

“It is a very sad day for the community of Tobago, when a situation like this can occur in our schools. I am hoping parents and the community at large understand what is happening in our school system. It is an example of what’s happening to our young people. Systems need to be put in place to deal with young persons who are angry,” Antoine said.

Antoine visited the Scarborough General Hospital where she was medically treated.

Yesterday she still had pain in her face, jaw and hands, she said.

She said she plans to press charges against the pupil.

TTUTA Tobago officer Orlando Kerr said he has received a report on the matter and has spoken to principal of the school and staff members.

“Violence against teachers will not be tolerated by TTUTA, as the organisation expresses zero tolerance to matters like these,” Kerr said.

Education Secretary Huey Cadette told the Express this time he is awaiting an official report on the matter from the Scarborough Secondary School. 

“I am pleading with parents to do their part at home, in treating with their children,” Cadette said.