Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Questions raised on whether minister still operating as a vet

The issue of whether Minister of the People Glenn Ramadharsingh was still operating as a veterinarian was raised in the Senate on Tuesday.

People’s National Movement Senator Faris Al-Rawi said there was a Pet Health Record card from Centau Veterinary Services, signed twice in 2012 and once in 2013 under the initials “GR”.

“The initials ‘GR’ on this record and I would like to know how that could possibly be the case,” Al-Rawi stated. He was speaking during debate on the Dog Control Bill in the Senate.

Independent Senator Kriyann Singh, a veterinarian, said there were “Government vets” who use animal health assistants to run their practices after hours. “Senator Al-Rawi referred to Centau Vete­rinary Services, which is owned by Minister of the People Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh,” Singh said.

Noting Ramadharsingh had stated during the debate in the House of Representatives that he was no longer active in the profession since going into politics, Singh said: “And this is a card that is signed, according to Senator Al-Rawi’s reading, when this person is not supposed to be there.”

Singh said in any event an investigation by the line minister for the ministry would discover the person signing “GR” is Manohar Ramnarine, who is an animal health assistant employed in the Government service for food/animal production”.

Ramadharsingh yesterday stated he had not practised since 2009 and anyone using the initials “GR” on a pet card was not him.

Singh also stated there was a person running Dr Anil Ramnanan’s clinic in Rio Claro—one Chunilal Narine—who is also an animal assistant. “Now, might I remind you all that Dr Anil Ramnanan is the consulate, who sought to remove an employee in the consulate for falsifying his resume. And here he has hired for him a person who is not a vet, running a vet clinic,” he said.

Singh said he was raising these issues about people who were now calling themselves vets.

“It is because of the failure of the law... to ensure that... these people claiming to be a vet are actually a vet,” he said.