Sunday, December 17, 2017

Ramadhar: AG’s attack on Hodge distasteful

COP political leader Prakash Ramadhar has “wholeheartedly” condemned criticisms made by Attorney General’s Anand Ramlogan against Constitution Reform Commission member Dr Merle Hodge who last week called for the Parliament’s debate of the Constitution Amendment Bill to be stopped.

Ramadhar, who chaired the Commission, said its members are free to express their views. “Well let me just say that it was distasteful for what has happened and I do not want to add fuel to that fire except to say that Ms Hodge is a person well-respected in the community and by me. Her contribution to the effort was honourable and something to be applauded, she is entitled to her view and we all signed off on the addendum,” Ramadhar said.

He said the CRC’s report dated December 27, 2013 was the “general philosophy” for constitution reform and the addendum, dated July 18th, 2014 identified the objectives of how that could be achieved.

“And the run-off was there but now having regard to the timing if you want to put it like that, she is entitled to her view. So too is every commissioner and nobody should be attacked on that at all. I condemn that wholeheartedly,” Ramadhar said.