Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ramesh: Probe ganja video

 FORMER attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj yesterday called on acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to immediately launch an investigation into a video showing a man who looks like a Government minister partying with ganja and women in a hotel room.

Sport Minister Anil Roberts has not confirmed or denied whether he was the man in the “ganja video” but blamed Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley for trying to bring him down. 

The Government  has defended Roberts, saying  the video is a vicious attempt at character assassination. 

Maharaj said the matter must be investigated as it highlights several illegal acts taking place.

He made the call as he addressed a mass demonstration at the Brian Lara Promenade yesterday.

“If the ordinary person smokes marijuana and he is jailed, a minister or any high public official cannot smoke marijuana and get away with it, that is also an offence,” Maharaj said.

“The commissioner of police has a duty to the population of Trinidad and Tobago to look at that video and based on that video whatever it is there can be no doubt whatsoever who that person looks like,” he said.

“An immediate police investigation must be conducted into that video, that video raises questions of human trafficking, prostitution, drug trafficking, possession of drugs, consuming of drugs,” Maharaj said.   


caught on camera


CCN TV 6 on its 7 p.m. newscast Wednesday showed a video of a man who resembles a government minister rolling what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette in a hotel room. The video contained dialogue with the minister’s look alike speaking about the illegal substance and how to roll a joint.

On Thursday, the Communications Ministry issued a statement which described the video as a “vicious attempt at character assassination.”

The Minister has described the video as a plot emanating from the Opposition People’s National Movement.