Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ramlogan threatens legal action over article

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has signalled his intention to take legal action against the Express for what he claims are “defamatory statements” against him in yesterday’s lead story, “Probe AG office”.

The article, written by journalist Kim Boodram, was a report on a speech delivered by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley at a public meeting in Longdenville on Monday night.

The Attorney General’s pre-action protocol letter cites Rowley’s statements at the public meeting on Monday night: “Attorney General has a serious set of questions to answer...” and “Among those questions was whether Ramlogan participated in the draf­ting of the letter that he claimed was later sent by (former SG) Donaldson-Honeywell to call off the need for a probe...”

The Express received a pre-action protocol letter yesterday from Ramlogan’s attorney, Kelvin Ramkissoon, who, on behalf of his client, said the paper had 48 hours to respond to the Attorney General’s correspondence “having regard to the seriousness of the allegations raised”.

The letter cited excerpts of the article that Ramlogan considered defamatory. The Attorney General alleged, in the pre-action letter, that the article “meant and were understood to mean”, among other things, that the Attorney General had used his executive power to circumvent and compromise the judicial process; committed acts that are corrupt and/or illegal and/or improper and has thereby engaged in criminality; and is guilty of misbehaviour in public office.

The Attorney General, “in an effort to save time and avoid costly litigation” is seeking: an unqualified apology; a written assurance and undertaking from the Express not to repeat the statements the AG considers defamatory; payment of a sum of damages for injury to his reputation and embarrassment and distress caused to him; and costs incurred to date.