Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ramoutar’s letter to Sport Minister


Ball in his court: Anil Roberts

Mark Fraser

 According to minutes of the 16th meeting of the TTBBC, Ramoutar told those present at a November 13 meeting—Mohammed, Stroude and special adviser Buxo Potts—this will be his last meeting since he intended to resign.

Bhaggan and Mills were excused. Greaves was abroad and Antoine was ill. They were absent from the meeting.

At the meeting, Ramoutar admitted he did not have in his possession “all the documents the board has requested –financial records, vouchers, receipts and contracts he signed on behalf of the board”.

He did, however, return six cheque books representing three accounts at First Citizens.

According to the minutes, Ramoutar asked the board to consider “and sign a document recanting their motion of no-confidence and until then he would not hand over any letter of resignation”.

Mohammed, the minutes state, said based on legal advice received, such a letter for consideration by the board should state that the agreement “to do so, is being done without prejudice and must include a non-disclosure clause”.

Ramoutar agreed.