Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rapist ‘seeks revenge’ after release

A convicted rapist recently released from prison reportedly returned to his victim’s house last Saturday, seeking revenge.

The 33-year-old convict was however confronted by his victim’s younger sister who put up such a fight that he ran off. His freedom was short-lived as he was arrested by police hours later. 

The incident occurred on Saturday night when the 21-year-old sister of the woman he raped more than 15 years ago, faced off with him at the family home.

Police said yesterday the convict  was released two months ago after serving some 12 years in jail convicted of rape of the older sister, who is now 30 years old. 

Police said the man broke into the house armed with a knife. He confronted the 21-year-old sister, who struggled with him for several minutes, before he ended his attack and escaped. 

The woman sustained cuts to her hands. 

Officers of the La Brea Police Station were contacted and Cpl Banga and PC Toolsie began investigations. The convict, who was known to the police, was arrested near his home in La Brea. 

A detective told the Express  the man was wounded and taken for treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital where he was kept under police guard until Sunday when he was released. 

Detectives were expected to interview the man yesterday, before seeking legal advice on what offences he may have committed. According to the Sexual Offences Act, the convict was supposed to have registered as a sex offender with the nearest police station within two weeks of his prison release. This was not done, the Express was told.

Cpl Banga of the La Brea Police is investigating.


 n Notification requirements for sex offenders according to the Sexual Offences Act. 

Section 34 A of the Sexual Offences Act states: 

(1) A person shall be subject to the notification requirements of this Part where: 

(a) he has been convicted of a sexual offence to which this Part applies and he has been sentenced to a term of imprisonment; 

(b) such sentence has been commuted; or 

(c) he has been convicted of such offence, but has not been dealt with for the offence. 

Section 34 B. (1) A person who is subject to notification requirements shall, within 14 days of his sentence or the commutation of his sentence as the case may be, or of his being dealt with under section 34A(1)(c), notify to the police in the local police area the following information:

(a) his name and, where he also uses one or more other names, each of those names;

(b) his home address;

(c) his date of birth.

(2) Any notification under this section shall be recorded in a register provided for that purpose and shall be acknowledged; such acknowledgement shall be in writing and in such form as the Minister, to whom responsibility for national security is assigned, may prescribe.