Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ray Kublalsingh found dead

....discovered near family home in Claxton Bay, after going missing on Tuesday


Crime scene officers in Claxton Bay where the body of Ray Kublalsingh was found today. Photo: INNIS FRANCIS

Donstan Bonn


Police officers, relatives and friends at the scene, where Ray Kublalsingh's body was found today. Photo: INNIS FRANCIS

Donstan Bonn

Missing-Ray Kublalsingh

FOUND DEAD: Ray Kublalsingh

Donstan Bonn

The search for 81-year-old Ray Kublalsingh ended today, with the discovery of his body near the family home. Kublalsingh, the father of environmental activist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh, went missing on Tuesday. His body was found this afternoon.

On Thursday, the Anti-Kidnapping Unit (AKU) had joined in the search which included police officers soldiers, friends and relatives of the 81-year-old man who walked into the bushes near his home at Kowlessarsingh Trace, Union Village.

Ray Kublalsingh, 81, was last seen at around 9.30 a.m. Tuesday after he told his wife Vilma, that he was headed into a parcel of land in the forested terrain near their home in search of cassava to plant a garden. 

His daughter, Judy Kublalsingh, said her father was not diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but was at times forgetful.

The family had posted flyers, and had sent messages via a microphone and speakers throughout the village for persons to be on the lookout for him in case he wandered off. 

On Thursday, political leader of the Congress of the People (COP) Prakash Ramadhar, had appealed to members of the party to assist in any way possible to help in the search for Kublalsingh. 

Describing Kublalsingh as a long-standing member of the COP, Ramadhar expressed deep concern over his disappearance. 

The statement read: "The fact that, despite efforts by family members and state agencies, Ray has not yet been found is very worrying. I appeal to all COP members and supporters, particularly in the area in which Mr. Kublalsingh lives to render any kind of assistance possible in the search for him. Please join in the search party, if possible or forward any information as to his whereabouts that you may learn to his family or to the police as a matter of the utmost urgency. This appeal extends to everyone in our society who may also be able to assist”.

 “Our prayers are with Ray and his family and I share the worry and concern that all his family members must be experiencing at this time. Ray is a member of the COP family and all members of this family are called upon to do whatever they can to help ensure Ray’s early and safe return to his loved ones”, Ramadhar said. 

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