Tuesday, January 16, 2018

‘Red Light’ cancelled

Organisers: Full refund for all patrons

The Red Light District party, scheduled for tonight at O2 Park, Chaguaramas, has been cancelled.

The event featuring Bunji Garlin, wife Fay-Ann and the Asylum Vikings was called off yesterday because of “technical issues that would impede the seamless execution of the event”, a statement by organisers Tropics Entertainment through Etcetera The Company said.

The organisation said it will issue full refunds to all those who purchased tickets for the concert.

Ticketholders are also asked to check the Red Light District Facebook page for more information.

Organisers said they regretted the cancellation of the event especially with all the planning that went into it.

“We know a lot of people anticipated the event and we ourselves, after creating a blueprint for the event that would mimic internationally acclaimed shows, are disappointed that it has come to this,” the statement said.

A woman who answered the telephone yesterday said promoter Cliff Harris of Tropics Entertainment was on another call.

She told the Express Harris had nothing else to add to what was already in the release.

Calls to Bunji Garlin and his wife Fay-Ann’s cellphones went unanswered yesterday.

The Express was told by someone who answered the couple’s Viking House office that they were both at a function.

The couple’s manager Dexter Thomas said the show was produced by Harris, CCN TV6 and radio station Hott 93.

“It was not a Bunji Garlin and Fay-Ann production,” he added.

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Last week Garlin surprised fans when he posted on his Instagram page that his Red Light District concert would be turned into a fete since he was unable to deliver the type of full-length concert he originally planned due to his hectic performance schedule and time constraints.

“After discussions with promoters and all parties involved, we decided to make it a party instead where we will still make our appearance, smash the venue and have loads of fun,” Garlin wrote.

“We wanted it to be perfect for the fans and really execute all kinds of different concepts, but the idea came a bit late to really get all the stuff together that would be necessary to coordinate and rehearse in order to execute to perfection.”