Thursday, December 14, 2017

Redhead reigns as Couva Jouvert King


crossing thE stage: Couva Jouvert King Charles Redhead takes a wine with "Old Lady" (Florence Lezama as his band Play Your Dreams crossed the stage.

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Ole Mas fun: Jouvert revellers from the band What Tongue Say presented by X and Associates play themselves in Couva.

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Veteran masman Charles Redhead, of Wong's Bar of California, proved he is truly the boss of Couva Jouvert when his presentation of Play Your Dreams won the Band of the Year Jouvert title at Couva Carnival yesterday.

A multiple winner of the King of Jouvert crown, Redhead repeated last year's victory in 2013 with his lively portrayal of "King of the House" (numbers 12 and 23 in the popular Play Whe. His band also won the Individual of the Year (Attached) title with "Old Lady", portrayed by Florence Lezama.

Jouvert Queen is Karmala Seemungal from the band, Celebrating 30 Years of Glory. Joseph Coombs, portraying the "Pumpkin House that Jack Built Gets a Clean Sweep", copped Individual (Unattached).

Ten bands crossed the Couva Carnival stage before the largest crowd to enjoy Jouvert in Couva. Many of the bands depicted political presentations.