Sunday, February 25, 2018


WICB Regional Four Day Semi Final


Donstan Bonn

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Play resumes at 10 a.m tomorrow and we look forward to having you join us for another day of intriguing cricket action at the Queen's Park Oval in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Goodbye and good evening.

SUMMARY: Barbados won the toss and elected to bat and it seemed like a good decision when they went to lunch at 56/1. They lost two more wickets between lunch and tea for the addition of 60 runs to be 116/3. But some fine bowling by Ravi Rampaul, Kavesh Kantasingh and the unlucky Rayad Emrit, saw them snap up five more wickets in the final session to peg back the Barbadians and put T&T in a good position at the close of play.

Carter had a topscore of 47, while Kraigg Brathwaite, 44, and Kirk Edwards, 37, added valuable contributions.

Bowling for T&T: Rampaul 19-5-44-3 (7 no balls), Gabriel 13-2-39-1, Kantasingh 35-14-49-3, Kanhai 14-2-45-1, Emrit 9-1-19-0.

INT UPDATE: West Indies won the second T20 International against Australia by 14 runs at Kensington Oval in Barbados.

The Aussies needed 19 runs from the final over but two wicket in the over by Dwayne Bravo while conceding four runs, sealed the win and squared the series one game apiece.

REGIONAL UPDATE: Jamaica has been dismissed for 196 with Permaul 26-12-35-3, Bishoo 14-0-58-3 and Deonarine 22.2-2-47-3 capturing three wickets each.

AT CLOSE: BAR 208/8 (Brathwaite 12*, Benn 8*)

That's it ladies and gentlemen. The batsmen see out the final two overs without further loss as Barbados close the day on 208 with two first innings wickets in hand.

After 88 overs: BAR 202/8 (Brathwaite 12*U, Benn 2*)

The 200 comes up for Barbados in the 88th over. There are just two overs to go for the close of play.

After 87 overs: BAR 195/8 (Benn 2*, Brathwaite 6*)

Rampaul continues with his hostile spell. He struck Benn on the head with a bouncer that flew over the keeper's head and down to long leg for four byes. Benncertainly did not know much about that delivery and was not able to get out of the way. Rampaul is certainly giving the batsmen a rough time.

REGIONAL UPDATE: JAMAICA 195/9. Odean Brown goes bowled by Deonarine for 3. Tamar Lambert 50*

WICKET: Searles c Ramdin b Rampaul 1. BAR 189/8

Rampaul has done it again. He got one to rise sharply on Searles who did not handle at all. He popped it up to Ramdin fielding at mid-on to be dismissed for just one run. Excellent bowling by Rampaul.

After 84 overs: BAR 189/7 (Searles 1*, Brathwaite (C) 6*)

Another tight over by Kantasingh, which was a maiden. With him and Rampaul operating in tandem the runs have dried up and wickets are falling with a bit of regularity.

WICKET: Dowrich b Kantasingh 7. BAR 188/7 off 82 overs.

Kantasingh gets one to nip back just a bit and it rips through Dowrich's defence  and disturd his stumps. Kantasingh has taken 3/37 from 31 overs.

After 81 overs: BAR 188/6 (Dowrich 7*, C. Brathwaite 6*)

Rampaul has been working up some steam and has gone through Brathwaite's defence on at least two ocassions without finding the dege or hitting the stumps. Barbados will not want to lose another wicket with the day's play drawing to a close.

INT UPDATE: Australia are 70/2 after nine overs chasing a total of 161 for victory.

WICKET: Carter LBW Rampaul 47. BAR 175/6 off 76.3 overs.

A good piece of captaincy has delivered a wicket for T&T. Rampaul was brought back into the attack from the Brian Lara end and he strikes with his third delivery, trapping Carter plumb in front of the wicket. Rampaul would be especially pleased as Carter had hooked him for a boundary the previous delivery.

REGIONAL UPDATE: Jamaica has been reduced to 156/7 having just lost the wicket of Nikita Miller. Lambert is 26*

After 75 overs: BAR 169/5 (Carter 43*, Dowrich 1*)

Kanhai has been operating from the Brian Lara end. He concedes a boundary to Carter as the batsman looks to take him on.

WICKET: Brooks c Barclay b Kantasingh 5. BAR 161/5 off 72 overs.

Well Brooks did not live for long after his two narrow escapes the previous over. Kantasingh gets his revenge by finding the dege of Brooks' bat and Marlon barclay snaps up a sharp catch at silly-point.

After 70 overs: BAR 151/4 (Carter 26*, Brooks 5*)

A very eventual over bowled by Kantasingh. He beats Brooks on two ocassions, striking him on the pads both times. However, umpire Greaves is unmoved when the appeals went up. The batsman lives to fight on and he belts the bowler for a boundary to add insult to injury.

After 66 overs: BAR 133/4 (Brooks 1*, Carter 12*)

Kantasingh continues to bowl a tight line and lenght. He strikes Brooks in front of the wicket and the LBW appeal goes up but it's turned down by the umpire. Disappointment for the T&T players who were very confident in their appeal.

WICKET: Edwards LBW Gabriel 37. BAR 132/4 off 65 0vers.

Gabriel beats Edwards for pace with one that was pitched in line with middle and off-stump. The batsman missed his attempted shot and is hit on the pads in front of the wicket. Good bowling by Gabriel as he been able to generate a fair amount of pace on an even-paced wicket.

Shamarh Brooks walks to the middle to join Carter.

After 61 overs: BAR 125/3 (Carter 6*, Edwards 36*)

Carter opens the face of his bat and glides one short and wide to the backward-point boundary. It was a poor delivery from Gabriel and it got the treatment it deserved.

POST TEA SESSION: The players are back out in the middle for the day's final session. New bat in for Brabados is Jonathan Carter and he will be facing Kantasingh.

INT UPDATE: West Indies are 113/3 off 11 overs. Dwayne Smith was out for a quickfire 63 off 34 balls and Johnson Charles scored 37 from 21 deliveries.

REGIONAL UPDATE: JAMAICA 134-4 off 47 overs Lambert 18* Bernard 0*

TEA: Hope's wicket fell just on the stroke of tea so the umpires and players head in. The day's final session is heading for an intriguning battle as T&T will be looking to make further inroads into their opponent's batting. See you in twenty minutes.

WICKET: Hope LBW Kantasingh 12. BAR 116/3 off 57.3 overs.

Kantasingh gets his just reward. He pitches one on the stumps and Hope playing for the ball to turn misses completely and is struck plumb in front. Kantasingh has been bowling well all day and is deserving of the wicket

After 55 overs: BAR 115/2 (Hope 11*, Edwa.rds 33*)

Another decent over from Emrit. he has been asking a few questions of both batsmen. Kantasingh replaces Rampaul at the Media Centre end.

After 51 overs: BAR 106/2 (Edwards 32*, Hope 8*)

Luck certainly isn't going Emrit's way. He got the edge of Hope's bat to a delivery pitched on leg and going further away from the batsman. Mohammed did not get across as quickly as he should and was unable to hang on to the ctach behind the stumps. Hope gets a reprieve and Emrit is left to try again.

After 50 overs: BAR 99/2 (Hope 2*, Edwards 31*)

Rampaul has the impressive figures of 1/26 from 11 overs while Emrit has bowled seven overs for 12 runs.

WICKET: Brathwaite c Mohammed (G)  b Rampaul 44. BAR 90/2 off 48 overs.

Something had to give. And it was the patience of Kraigg Brathwaite. He edged the final delivery of the over, which was drifting down leg, and wicketkeeper Gibran Mohammed moved smartly across to his left to snap up the catch down the leg side.

Brathwaite's innings lasted 197 minutes, he faced 147 ball, struck four boundaries and shared a second wicket partnership of 48 with Edwards.

After 47 overs: BAR 87/1 (Edwards 26*, Brathwaite 42*)

Emrit is left wondering what more he has to do to get a wicket. He struck Edwards on the pads plumb in front but the LBW appeal was turned down as the umpire judged it to be a bit too high. Emrit stands in the middle of the pitch with his arms akimbo after the appeal was denied.

DRINKS: The first hour's play after lunch has been completed so the players are enjoying some refreshment. The match has been reduced to a battle of patience as the bowlers are keeping a tidy line and lenght while the batsmen have not given anything away. Scores is 86/1.

After 44 overs: BAR 85/1 (Brathwaite 42*,  Edwards 24*)

It appears that Barbados' intention is to occupy the crease for as long as possible without much focus on upping the scoring rate. They have scored a painstaking 85 runs from 44 overs in just around 180 minutes of play.

After 40 overs: BAR 77/1 (Edwards 24*, Brathwaite 34*)

Kantasingh is keeping the batsmen honest with a tidy spell of off-spin. He has bowled an uninterrupted spell of 17 overs for 19 runs. 

After 37 overs: BAR 76/1 (Brathwaite 33*, Edwards 24*)

Brathwaite scored his first run since lunch. The batsmen have been quietly going about their task without much fuss. Not pulsating action by any means but an intriguing battle all the same.

After 34 overs: BAR 68/1 (Edwards 17*, Brathwaite 32*)

Edwards has played a couple of attacking shots that resulted in runs while Brathwaite has been very much a spectator at the other end of the wicket.

After 30 overs: BAR 65/1 (Brathwaite 32*, Edwards 14*)

Edwards gets a life on 14. He edged one form Kantasingh that went quickly to slips but Bravo could not hold on to it. It was not a difficult catch and it should have been taken.

POST LUNCH SESSION: The players are back out in the middle and Kantasingh will be bowling to Kirk Edwards.

REGIONAL UPDATE: JAM 38-1 off 12 overs, Parchment 19* Pagon 6

LUNCH: At lunch Barbados are 56/1 off 56 overs. Brathwaite is 32* and Edwards, five. It has been a relatively slow session with just 56 runs being scored for the loss of one wicket in a hundred and twenty minutes of play.

I hope you enjoy your lunch. See you back in fourty minutes.

After 28 overs: BAR 56/1 (Brathwaite 32*, Edwards 5*)

Kirk Edwards is the new batsman in after the fall of Phillips' wicket. He has no problem getting off the mark.

WICKET: Phillips c Guillen b Kanhai 16. BAR 42/1 after 21 overs.

The bowling change does the trick for T&T. Aneil Kanhai replaced Gabriel at the Brian Lara end and he immediately reaps success. He got Omar Phillips to cut a delivery straight into the hands of Guillen at second slips. Phillips did not look at all comfortable against the spinners.

After 20 overs: BAR 38/0 (Phillips 12*, Brathwaite 23*)

Brathwaite surviveded a loud appeal for a catch close at the wicket. Kantasingh has been bowling well conceding three runs in his seven overs so far, and has been posing some problems for the batsmen.

After 17 overs: BAR 29/0 (Brathwaite 17*, Phillips 9*)

Barbados' batsmen have been pretty quiet in the face of some tight bowling. They have adopted the right attitude of playing each delivery on merit while exercising patience.

After 15 overs: BAR 26/0 (Phillips 9*, Brathwaite 14*)

Gabriel replaced Rampaul at the Brian Lara end and had an appeal for LBW against Brathwaite turned down. The delivery was heading down the leg side. Good decision by the umpire.

DRINKS: The refreshment cart comes on the field at the end of the first hour's play. Barbados are 25 without loss after 14 overs, with Brathwaite 13* and Phillips 9*

After 12 overs: BAR 24/0 (Brathwaite 13*, Phillips 8*)

Brathwaite and Phillips have weathered the early storm and appear to be a bit more confrotable. Brathwaite played a lovely on-drive off rampaul for four.

After 8 overs: BAR 14/0 (Phillips 3*, Brathwaite 8*)

Good first over by Kantasingh. Brathwaite survived a confident LBW appeal off the last delivery of the over. He played across the line of one that was right up in the blockhole and fell in his effort to keep the ball out while being struck on the pads. Umpire Abraham gives the batsman the benefit of the doubt as the delivery seem to be heading down the legside.

After 7 overs: BAR 14/0 (Brathwaite 8*, Phillips 3*)

Another good over from Rampaul. he beat the outside edge of Phillips' bat as he had the batsman guessing. Early bowling change by T&T as Kavesh Kantasingh replaces Gabriel at the Media Centre end.

After 5 overs: BAR 11/0 (Phillips 3*, Brathwaite 6*)

Another good over from Rampaul, the only blemish being a no-ball. His opening over was a maiden. Runs are not flowing off the bat as the batsmen have been kept in check. This is good for T&T.

After 4 overs: BAR 10/0 (Brathwaite 6*, Phillips 3*)

Rampaul and Gabriel are bowling wicket to wicket forcing the batsmen to play almost every delivery. The pitch appears to be pretty even-paced so nothing out of the ordinary as yet.

After 2 overs: Barbados 5/0

Rampaul starts with a maiden from the Brian Lara Pavilion End while Brathwaite gets a edge for four to third man off Gabriel's first overs.

T&T welcomes back Rampaul, Barath, Darren Bravo and spinner Denesh Ramdin to the line up.

Kraigg Brathwaithe and Omar Phillips open the innings for the Bajans and Rampaul and Shannon Gabriel will share the new ball.

 We greet you with the news that Barbados have won the toss and will be batting first.

For T&T, opener Evin Lewis and leg-spinner Imran Khan have been left out of the starting XI while Barbados have left out youngsters Justin Greave and Jomal Warrican. 


T&T – Denesh Ramdin (captain), Justin Guillen, Marlon Barclay, Adrian Barath, Darren Bravo, Rayad Emrit, Gibran Mohammed, Aneil Kanhai, Ravi Rampaul, Shannon Gabriel, Kavesh Kantasingh.

BARBADOS – Kirk Edwards (Captain), Sulieman Benn, Tino Best, Carlos Brathwaite, Kraigg Brathwaite, Shamarh Brooks, Jonathan Carter, Shane Dowrich, Kyle Hope, Omar Phillips, Javon Searles.

UMPIRES – Golande Greaves, Lennox Abraham.