Thursday, February 22, 2018

Relatives: Cop shoots innocent man

Relatives of a man who was shot dead by police on Friday night are demanding justice, claiming that he was an “innocent youth” and had nothing to do with anything illegal.

He is the 12th person to be killed by the police for the year.

The relatives of 21-year-old Naim Dean told the Sunday Express that around 10 p.m. Dean left his home off La Horquette Valley Road, Glencoe and got into a sports utility vehicle (SUV) with three friends.

His aunt Rachel Simon said, “My nephew got into a jeep with some friends. We did not ask him anything but before they even got a chance to drive off a police rapid response vehicle pulled up on them.” 

She said they ordered her nephew and his friends out of the SUV.

“One officer started to frisk (Dean) and they made him empty his pockets and they did not find anything when another officer made a swipe at his groin Dean just brushed off his hand and said ‘I don’t have nothing on me’.”

She said Dean was slapped by an officer following which he ran off in the direction of a nearby ravine.

She said a police officer opened fire on Dean.

She said Dean’s grandmother came out of her home when she heard the gunshots and complained to police.

Simon said Dean’s grandmother walked towards the ravine where her grandson ran toward. 

Simon said when she came back she began screaming, “They shoot him, they shoot him.”

“We wanted to take him to hospital,” said Simon, adding that the police said it was a police shooting and they had to take him.

Simon said that Dean was eventually placed into the tray of a van and taken to the St James Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Simon also said that another relative was beaten when he began shouting obscenities at the police for killing Dean.

He was eventually released from the Four Roads Police Station.

The Sunday Express contacted Snr Supt Ishmael David for a comment with regard to the incident.

He said only: “The matter is currently being investigated.”