Thursday, December 14, 2017

Relatives ask for privacy

 Relatives of Christopher Garcia—30-year-old son of Noel Garcia, former general manager of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), who was shot and killed on Wednesday afternoon in Cumuto—have asked for privacy in their time of grief. 

Speaking briefly to the media yesterday at Forensic Science Centre in St James, an individual who was identified as Garcia’s brother politely explained that the family was “torn up” over the incident and they were too distraught to speak. 

“We have nothing more to add on the issue, really. Everything that needed to be said would have been said by others by now. So right now, we are all in grief. Me and my sisters are deeply affected by the incident, and you have to remember it is a set of older people who have also been affected, so right now we are all just trying to make it to the funeral, first and foremost,” he said. 

At about 1.15 p.m. on Wednesday, Christopher Garcia, who resided in Unity Gardens, Couva, was visiting his grandmother in an area known as 100 Acres, along Cumuto Main Road, Cumuto. 

While at the house, Garcia was called outside and got into an altercation with a man known to him. During the altercation, the assailant pulled out a firearm and shot at Garcia repeatedly.

Garcia was hit multiple times about his body, including his upper torso and head. He died on the spot.