Friday, February 23, 2018

Relatives of murdered contractor call for justice


shot dead: Howard Lalloo

Mark Fraser

Relatives of murdered businessman Howard Lalloo are demanding justice for his death.

His sister Susan Lalloo said her brother received a call asking to meet in Couva on Monday morning.

“He told someone that he got a call and had to go to Couva to meet someone. We don’t know who the person was or what the meeting was about,” she said.

Lalloo said her brother was a private person, who never spoke about his business dealings.

Howard, 46, was found dead in his Toyota Prado Land Cruiser by police on Monday afternoon.

A truck driver, who was driving along Milton Road, Couva, saw Lalloo slumped over the steering wheel and contacted the police.

Investigators found documents inside the car indicating the vehicle belonged to Lalloo, a Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) contractor.

He was shot in the head.

Susan said: “Someone who knows the family saw the vehicle at the side of the road and called my brother to confirm it was him. That was how we knew it was my brother.”

Howard’s brother, Stephen Lalloo, went to Couva and identified his brother’s body.

The dead man, a divorce, lived with his mother Shanti Lalloo at La Romaine. He had no children.

“My mother said she prepared breakfast for him and when she called him he had left to go to work. He went to a jobsite. His family is taking this really hard because he was such a nice person, quiet and always helpful,” his sister said.

Howard’s relatives are appealing to the police to find the person who ended his life.

An autopsy performed by pathologist Hughvon Des Vignes yesterday concluded that he was shot twice in the head.

Police were unable to give a motive for Howard’s death.

Southern Division Homicide is investigating the case.