Friday, December 15, 2017

Relatives to police: Charge teen driver

Man still critical after hit by car

The family of a 37-year-old man who is in critical condition at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Port of Spain General Hospital, after he was knocked down on Ariapita Avenue earlier this month, is calling on the police to stop dragging their feet on the investigation and charge the driver.

Gilann Quashie told the Express on Wednesday that although the police have enough evidence to charge the teen driver who struck her husband they had not yet moved to do so.

“My husband was knocked down on May 3 by the son of a prominent businessman. The police has the CCTV camera footage showing the car driving without lights and the speed it was going at, 15 signed witness statements from people who were there and saw the accident went willingly to the police and still nothing has been done as yet. 

“We are not getting any justice coming from this and my husband is still in ICU with two broken legs which they have put steel in already and massive head injuries. I spoke to the police sergeant this morning and he is saying it is protocol and they are doing what they could do and he, the driver, will be charged but I told him I couldn’t believe that because it is over 18 days and with all of that information they are yet to charge him,” she said.

Quashie, who said she attempted to contact the parents of the 17-year-old driver on one occasion, admitted it has been really hard for her family because she has become the sole breadwinner since her husband, who is an area supervisor at AS Bryden, is incapacitated following the accident.

“My daughter is traumatised — she is missing her father because she has a close relationship with him and now I have become the sole person in charge of the family because I have to take care of him, take care of her, plus go to work, so it is taking a toll on me and everybody in the family. 

“He was even doing his degree at COSTAATT, but this has changed all of our lives. I even have to take our daughter to the counsellor,” she added.

When the Express contacted the Woodbrook police on the status of the investigation we were told that they were unable to move forward because the victim was unable to respond to questions from the police.

“The officers were hoping that by now the gentleman would have recovered so that he could give a statement. Only today licensing officers came to inspect the vehicle which is part of the investigation they completed that so now the file will be submitted for instructions. It is not a case where the police is moving slow there are other things involved. The statements were submitted to the first division officers for instructions. The junior cannot take it upon our own to charge the man we must submit the file for instruction so we are waiting on instruction to charge the man.”  

Acting Sgt Mason told the Express that although they had signed statements from two eyewitnesses and the video footage there were several pertinent documents that the investigators needed to obtain before moving forward with the investigation but assured that the investigation is ongoing.