...Relieved family taking it easy

By Michelle Loubon

Relieved father Jasson Noel says he is planning to get his daughter Keyianna Noel, six, a robot or educational toy for Christmas. 

She and her siblings are spending holidays with their aunt Nina Noel at Piarco.

On Tuesday afternoon, Keyianna was taken from her Duncan Street, Port of Spain, home  by a male relative who claimed he was going to buy her for snacks.  

On Wednesday, she was dropped off at Aranjuez on the Priority Bus Route and then taken by Besson Street police to the station. There she was reunited with her father and siblings Jerrel, nine; Naomi, eight; and Malachai Belasco, five. 

On the heels of the murder of six-year-old Maloney resident Keyana Cumberbatch, Keyianna’s “kidnapping”  has caused more concern among citizens for the safety of children. Her stepfather, Dwayne Lewis, was charged with her murder.

Asked for an update on Keyianna’s welfare yesterday, Noel, in a telephone interview, said:   “We sent them to take a bath. And everyone was happy. 

“My wife (Karen Ollivierre) was happy to see her. We put on a little gospel music. We were playing games. We were watching movies. 

“I made a dinner of  fries and sausage for them. They had a little snacks. I tucked them in. I went downstairs and ensured the gate was locked. The man got in because the gate was unlocked.”   

Asked if he had spoken to the children about safety, Noel added: “Yes. I told them don’t go anywhere with  anybody they don’t know or haven’t seen before. Do not accept  anything from strangers. In this case, they were familiar with him.”

Noel sent the children to visit his sister, Nina Noel, yesterday. 

Noel added: “They went to visit my sister. She has eight children about their ages. So they have a lot of company.”

Asked about his Christmas preparations, Noel said: “I plan to get Keyianna a robot or some other educational item. She is a bright child. She is not easy. I called her the “Mother’s Day child.”  She was born on  May 13, 2008. I plan to get them presents.”  

Referring to the relative who took Keyianna, Noel said: “The  man called me this (yesterday) morning. He said he stuck to his word and dropped off Keyianna safely.  

“I told him I will do the best I can when this is all over. I told him you made a big boo boo. I did the right thing by going to the police. It made my heart shake. It disturbed me, especially in light of the other Keyana Cumberbatch. I got so frightened. For the past two days, I had not eaten or slept. I am happy this ordeal  is all over.”  

Asked if he knew about the male relative’s whereabouts, Noel said: “No. He did not say where he was calling from. I don’t know why he is calling me.” 

Up to yesterday, Noel said the police had not yet caught up with the man.

“They would have contacted me if they did,”  said Noel.

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