Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Resident's love for Laventille ends in death


REFUSED TO LEAVE: George Alexander

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GEORGE "MIKEY" ALEXANDER refused to move out of his East Port of Spain home that he built and would often say that the criminals in the area would have to kill him before they could chase him out of it, according to his relatives.

Yesterday morning his statement became reality when the 64-year-old man of Plaisance Road, John John, East Dry River, was slain.

Speaking with members of the media at the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday one of Alexander's daughters, who wished not to be identified, said she is "sickened" by the senseless killing of innocent people in the Laventille area.

The visibly upset woman said her father was kind to all in the neighbourhood and would bring home bread from his workplace at Carnell's Bakery, and feed the neighbourhood—even his killers benefited.

The woman turned her anger to those duty bound to protect and serve, with pride. She said her father telephoned the Besson Street Police Station while the killers were rummaging through the first storey of his two-storey home and police only arrived after he had been killed.

She said the Besson Street Police Station is a stone's throw away from the centre of all the killing and yet there are numerous murders in the area that go unsolved. She called on a return of a police post in the area.

"What is the (acting) Commissioner of Police (Stephen Williams) and Jack Warner (Minister of National Security) doing about the crime? What are they doing about all the little chicken head people who killing?" she quizzed.

The woman said the killers are not aware of the value of a life and find it too easy to take one. She said when the killers came, her father was preparing to go to work and asked them why they were there. Their response came from the barrel of their high-powered rifle, according to an eyewitness.

The woman said her father's death came just as she was getting over the death of her brother, Wayne "Sandy" George, who was shot dead on May 21 last year outside his home at Clifton Hill, John John, Laventille.

The woman said all the killers took was $200, a set of keys and a camera from upstairs of her father's home.

Police reports say around 4 a.m yesterday two men broke into Alexander's home, confronted him and shot him several times before fleeing the scene. He died on the scene. No motive has been determined for his killing.

In a separate killing which occurred yesterday afternoon, another John John resident was gunned down.

Police reports state that Junior Banfield, 44, a businessman, of Plaisance Terrace, was found dead after residents of the area heard loud explosions and, upon checking, found his lifeless body.

His murder has taken the murder toll to 76 for the year, 15 more than the corresponding period last year.

No motive for his killing has been given.