Sunday, December 17, 2017

Residents protest after WASA pipeline bursts

A 12-inch Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) pipeline ruptured causing water to gush out, flooding homes along Indian Walk Road, Moruga yesterday.

The water flowed for 12 hours before WASA officials arrived and turned off the supply to the community, residents said.

But it was not before angry residents burned tyres and blocked the main road leading to Moruga.

Resident Natasha Gopaul said she was asleep when the pipeline broke and water began gushing into her parents’ home. “My mom was awake and she heard the microwave beeping. Then we heard a loud gushing sound and water started coming into our homes around 9 p.m. My parents’ furniture, appliances, mattresses and even foodstuff were destroyed.”

Gopaul said residents called the WASA hotline and other agencies seeking urgent assistance. “But no one answered. The water flowed until 9 a.m. today when WASA came and turn off the valve. It was horrible, The neighbour’s house was flooded too. When we couldn’t get anyone to respond we decided to block the road and protest,” she said.

Member of Parliament for Moruga, Clifton De Coteau, described the situation as “disastrous”, as he visited affected residents yesterday.

“The WASA line burst and with full pressure flooded out residents really bad. The residents have been advised to make a list of losses which will be sent to WASA’s legal department. I will also take the list to Ministers Ganga Singh and Ramona Ramdial myself. WASA is working on the necessary repairs,” he said.

WASA general manager south east division, Russell Woodsley, said the ruptured line may have been caused by faulty couplings on the pipeline. He said the residents would be compensated and water would be restored by last evening.

Police and fire officers removed the debris from the roadway and advised residents to allow WASA workers to complete the job for water to be restored in the community.