Friday, December 15, 2017

Residents want stockpile removed

‘...It’s a health hazard’

 Marabella residents are calling for the immediate removal of mounds of sand, dirt and gravel being stockpiled near their homes.

The loads of material were transported to the area following excavation work at Pointe-a-Pierre Road, San Fernando, near San Fernando Hill.

The residents argued that it was not only illegal, but a health hazard for people living near the stockpile.

And the noise of trucks transporting the material from nightfall into the early hours of the morning was unbearable, they said.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said he has complained about the activity since it started earlier this month.

“But nothing is really being done. From 6 p.m. the trucks would start coming with this material, until about 4 a.m. The noise is too much and then when you get up in the morning we have to deal with the dust,” he said.

Residents complained that the dust was causing people to fall ill.  

The owner of a fast food outlet along Southern Main Road said he too was disgusted by the activities taking place.

 “We cannot talk out about this because we fear victimisation, but these people are ruthless. They just dumping this in a residential area. People don’t sit and eat here these days because of the dust. It is affecting our businesses,” he said.

Officers at nearby Marabella Police Station have also complained about the dust.

—Carolyn Kissoon