Thursday, February 22, 2018

Retired judge: Pension review long overdue

 RETIRED justice Zainool Hosein is urging people to desist from politicising the issue of pension legislation which will impact on retired judges and parliamentarians.

Speaking to reporters following a meeting between himself and other retired judges at the Hall of Justice in Port of Spain yesterday, Hosein said judges should be able to face their retirement with assurances that the challenges of age (after a lifetime as custodians of the constitutional rights, guarantees and freedoms of the people) do not include the burdens of hardship and penury.

He said years before the current bill, they approached the Salaries Review Commission which declined their jurisdiction in the matter so they had no choice but to approach then-Prime Minister Patrick Manning in 2004. 

“A resolution of the pension issue for retired judges is long overdue,” Hosein said.

He pointed out though the Retired Judges Association has noted the contents of a news release from Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and “awaits the continuation of the debate and its outcome.”

On Tuesday, Persad-Bissessar announced that Government had decided to put the Judges Salaries and Pensions (Amendment) Bill and the Retiring Allowances (Legislative Service) (Amendment) Bill on hold.