Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Robbery a ‘smokescreen’ for murder


THE robbery at the home of Siparia labourer Corey Alexander may have only been a “smokescreen” for the actual reason he was killed.

This is according to a senior homicide detective working on the murder investigation of Alexander, 32, who was found with his throat slit in his home last week Saturday morning.

Detectives were told that the week before, Alexander, a daily-paid labourer with the Ministry of Health in Siparia, had received death threats from someone he knew.

His mother found his body in his apartment downstairs his parents’ home, at Percy Vidale Avenue, De Gannes Village.

His father, Curtis Alexander, said jewelry, clothing and sneakers were missing from the apartment.

An autopsy on his body last Monday found that he died of a single deep chop wound to the neck.

The autopsy was performed at Forensic Science Centre, St James by Dr Eslyn McDonald-Burris.

Detectives said that no suspects have been held in the murder as yet.