Thursday, February 22, 2018

Roberts ‘wrote on his own’

Griffith: Cabinet not involved in decision...


National Security Minister Gary Griffith.

Mark Fraser

 Minister of National Security Gary Griffith yesterday insisted Cabinet has no decision to make.

“Cabinet could not overturn what they did not decide in the first place,” he said.

“Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel—that was always the name. The only way that could have changed is if the Government of Trinidad and Tobago had taken a decision to stop it. The Government of Trinidad and Tobago never stopped it. 

“Minister Roberts wrote to CPL on his own. That was not a Cabinet decision when he wrote to the CPL. He wrote as Anil Roberts and not on behalf of the Government,” Griffith told the Express yesterday.

Asked if the CPL needed the permission of Cabinet to use the T&T name as part of the name of the Red Steel franchise, Griffith said: “The CPL would have only needed that (permission) if the Government had a protest because that name was used since last year and it was not an issue. 

“Only if there is a concern by the Government then the Government, based on a Cabinet decision, would have written to CPL voicing their concern, and that was never done.”