Thursday, February 22, 2018

Robinson doing ‘much better’

Former president Arthur NR Robinson “is doing much better”, Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan said yesterday.  

Via a telephone interview, Khan said: “He is doing much better. I don’t know when he will get out. It depends upon the doctors.”

Meanwhile, Anglican Bishop Rev Claude Berkley said he will visit Robinson at the St Clair Medical Centre today around noon. Robinson, 87, is said to be in a stable condition at the health facility but there is no word yet on when he will return to his home at Ellerslie Park, St Clair. His daughter Ann Margaret Robinson has been attending to him. 

Last Thursday, Robinson was admitted to hospital after complaining about feeling unwell. It was disclosed at the weekend he had lost the function of one of his kidneys. Both Robinson and Berkley hail from Tobago. 

Robinson was born in Castara and Berkley is from Pembroke.

In a telephone interview yesterday, Berkley said: “I have been acquainted with him. I plan to visit Robinson today around by noon. I will pray with him. Former PM Robinson has served the country well and he has almost given his life (1990 coup) for this country. His contribution must be recognised. It is our duty to visit him and to give him some measure of comfort. We must recognise the quality service he has given and hope we will have many more people to emulate his style of leadership.” 

On Sunday, Berkley said prayers were said for him at the 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. mass at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain. Berkley said he understood “he was not speaking to his visitors, but merely nodding his head.”