Friday, December 15, 2017

Robinson ‘is looking better’, says Fuad

Archbishop visits former PM

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan says former president ANR Robinson “is looking better.” But Robinson, 87, remains hospitalised at the St Clair Medical Centre. He was admitted since last Thursday. Asked for an update on his condition, in a telephone interview yesterday, Khan said: “He is still warded. I have not heard anything negative about him. So we wish him all the best.”

There is still no word as to when he will return to his home at Ellerslie Park, St Clair. It was disclosed at the weekend Robinson had lost the function of one of his kidneys.

Archbishop Joseph Harris who celebrated his 72nd birthday yesterday said he visited Robinson Monday.

Harris said: “He was fast asleep. I said a little prayer. He looked peaceful.”

Asked how he spent his day, Harris said: “I spent it quietly. I was working at my residence. My birthday wish is that people will turn to God and the violence will stop.”