Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rodney Charles slams PNM’s ‘Big Brother’ policy

UNITED National Congress (UNC) campaign manager Rodney Charles has slammed the People’s National Movement (PNM) for what he describes as “a continuation of its 1984 ‘Big Brother’ policy of invading the privacy of citizens”.

“That is a line that the UNC, being a responsible party in government, will never cross. We are not a party of hackers who believe, as the PNM clearly does, in standpipe, low-class, gossip on platforms based on either stolen documents, mysterious packages left in mail boxes or the latest gossip making the rounds. This is a far cry from the strident intellectualism of the founder of that party who used to educate his party members on important matters of the day,” Charles stated.

He responded via e-mail last Friday to the revelations made on the PNM platform on Thursday night in the Croisee. At the public meeting Senator Camille Robinson-Regis read an e-mail from Charles which dealt which ways to launch a “full-scale attack” on PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley in order to bring down his ratings in public opinion polls.

Among Charles’s recommendations were to not refer to Rowley as ‘Dr’; to have short sound bites that speak to his “negatives” such as “he is too arrogant, he is unfit to lead and he does not entertain views that are different from his”.

Charles said that UNC respected the inalienable right of citizens to think freely, exchange ideas and to think thoughts free from the intrusiveness of a party clearly bankrupt of ideas. “Dr Rowley has now introduced “maccoing” as a key element of his re-election strategy.

“We await his ideas to take our country forward. We will not hold our breaths,” Charles said.

He added that it was clear that Dr Rowley continued to avoid enunciating policies, plans or a vision that will benefit the people of Trinidad and Tobago and improve the quality of their lives.

“Instead of providing alternative policy options that deal with poverty, crime, creating well paying jobs, and reducing our high food import bill, the PNM continues to major in minors.

It is my hope that the PNM will, on their platforms articulate forward-looking policies, so that we can enter into a reasoned debate which will allow voters a clear choice,” Charles stated.

He noted: “Our job is to ensure that voters are informed about Dr Keith Rowley and the PNM, their lack of vision, and their history of non-performance”.