Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rowley: Leave me out of Anil’s foolishness


“facing embarrassment”: A frame from a video showing a man who looks like a Government minister unwrapping a cigarette.

Mark Fraser

“The Government has done a whole lot to us and has asked a whole lot of us. And now, they are asking us now not to believe our own eyes,” said Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

He was commenting yesterday on the response of Sport Minister Anil Roberts to a video in which a man who looks and speaks like a Government minister is captured smo­king ganja. 

Roberts, when confronted by the media on the issue yesterday, said he wanted him (Rowley) to know that no “video” or “voodoo” would stop him from telling the popula­tion that Rowley was the worst thing to happen to Trinidad and Tobago. 

“In so far as he is calling my name in his predicament, I will recommend him to a good doc­tor when I get to London.”

Rowley asked why Roberts was calling his name. 

“We have nothing in common. I have nothing to do with his lifestyle. I do not share his drinking, smoking....So tell him just leave me out of his foolishness and answer the questions put to him.” 

Rowley noted Roberts’ port­­folio was Sport and Youth Affairs.

“This is a matter for the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. You see this self-exo­ne­ration, we have had enough of that. This is a matter for the Prime Minister. She could say that she does not believe her own eyes. She could say that she does not believe her own ears. 

“He could play crazy and call my name and the PNM (People’s National Movement). But this is a matter for the Prime Minister, who is the only person who decides who sits in the Cabinet and who con­ducts the affairs of this coun­try by way of Cabinet appointment.” 

Rowley said he was baffled over what he (Rowley) has to do with a video. He said this Government was facing one embarrassment after another.