Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Rowley ‘misleading the public’

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley is peddli­ng misinformation to mislead the public and score cheap political points, Communication Minister Vasant Bharath said yesterday.

His statement followed an earlier news release from Rowley claiming Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar had abandoned her role to attend World Cup football matches in Brazil this week.

“Dr Rowley has not only failed to advance even a single idea on alternative policy, but now has either misunderstood, or deliberately misrepresented the fact that the Government has indeed acted on the Immigration and Passport Office issue,” Bharath said.

“The Prime Minister has decisively intervened in the issue, through the intervention of the Labour Minister Errol McLeod, who obtained an injunction restraining the PSA (Public Services Association) from shutting down public offices. It is for this reason that the Prime Minister also assured the nation that she will exercise every resource available in ensuring the rights of citizens are not compromised. There is no room for negotiation on that.”

Bharath said Rowley’s recent absence from the country was not explained. “When the Prime Minister decided to leave the country, she ensured that she was very clear with the public on where she was going and the fact that it was at her own expense. And she also made it very clear that this is the first trip she has taken with her family since becoming Prime Minister.

“But during his own leadership campaign, Dr Rowley disappeared for days on a foreign trip to Dubai, without an explanation or indication to his party’s membership or to the nation. And now, today, on the eve of Dr Rowley leaving the country for unknown reasons, because he believes has no one to explain to,” Bharath said.

He added: “Therefore for Dr Rowley to now be grasping at straws and feigning indignation over the Prime Minister’s trip by selling misinformation for cheap political points is disingenuous in the extreme and is further proof that nothing he says can be believed. We have said before and will say it again, Dr Rowley simply cannot be trusted. Dr Rowley needs to understand that his role is not to slyly use misinformation at every opportunity to create panic, fear and instability, but rather to represent people with ideas and action,” Bhara­th said.