Friday, February 23, 2018

...Rowley: Better late than never

Better late than never. Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday he was glad to hear the Integrity Commission was making progress with respect to its investigations into Emailgate.

Speaking to the Express by phone, Rowley noted that some 15 months have passed since he made the allegations in the Parliament. “I had always maintained that the commission had jurisdiction and authority as they are mandated to investigate misconduct of public officials, so better late than never,” said Rowley.

He questioned whether there was any cooperation from the Central Authority in the Attorney General’s Office in obtaining information for the investigations. “I hope the Integrity Commission makes some would be a very sad thing if the questions surrounding these e-mails are unanswered,” said Rowley.

On Attorney General Anand Ramlogan’s disclosure that he has retained a US law firm to take action on Google and obtain information, Rowley questioned why Ramlogan did not reveal this before. “Where was he keeping that secret? Why are we now only being told this now if that is in fact happening?” asked Rowley.

He questioned further whether Ramlogan had any intention of sharing this information with the Integrity Commission.

Ramlogan has said he personally retained the specialist foreign law firm. “What about his capacity as Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago? That kind of smoke seeks to confirm that he had a conflicting situation and the investigation is out of his control,” said Rowley.