Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Rowley: Govt collapsing

...PM’s actions ‘designed to win votes’

The People’s Partnership Government is on the verge of collapse and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar is desperately trying to portray an image of principle because a general election is around the corner, says Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

He was responding to questions from the Express on yesterday’s resignation of Tourism Minister Chandresh Sharma.

“The People’s Partnership Government continues to collapse and it is only a matter of time before it collapses completely,” said Rowley.

“The Prime Minister is trying to be smart with misfortune by not accepting responsibility for the large number of people that she has selected into higher office who turn out to be unacceptable. She is now trying to praise herself for getting rid of them and I’m not impressed with that,” he added.

Rowley questioned why the Prime Minister did not take similar action against her ministers in the past four years when allegations were made against them by people who have been complaining.

“People have been speaking out before and they have been ignored by the Prime Minister, it is the imminent election that is causing the Prime Minister to try and change their image by taking action against these people.

“You must remember how the Prime Minister treated with these things for the past three years...when one listens to the Prime Minister’s statements now about accepting resignations and the firing of ministers, you wouldn’t think it is the same Prime Minister who supported Jack Warner and Anand Ramlogan all these years, so I’m not impressed,” said Rowley.

He said the Prime Minister’s “rhetoric” was designed to win votes.

“In 2010 she was portrayed as competent, useful and a fresh idea, that turned out to be a mirage...as we approach a next general election, she now appears to be someone acting on principle and I’m not impressed with that, there is no principle in cases where there is water more than flour.”

Rowley said the Prime Minister did not take swift action against Warner and she still condones wrongdoing by keeping Attorney General Ramlogan in her Government.

“She supported Jack Warner to the end and she still has Anand Ramlogan in our face. 

“As long as Anand Ramlogan remains the Attorney General and the Prime Minister’s record on Jack Warner remains what it is and what is going on with other matters of the Government, the Government is collapsing at a rapid rate and very soon it would become unbearable,” said Rowley.

He said the Prime Minister is now trying to assuage the wrath and anger of the people because of the 2015 General Election, but it’s the people who will decide when they head to the polls next year.

Rowley and Sharma were embroiled in the infamous “teacup brawl”, which occurred in the Parliament in 2004.

A fight erupted in the tea room of Parliament in September 2004 between Sharma and Rowley, in which Sharma had alleged he was pelted with a teacup by Rowley.

Sharma took the matter to court, but lost the case.