Monday, January 22, 2018

Rowley: Resign or be removed

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday called on Independent Senator Subhas Ramkhelawan to resign. 

Rowley said failing this, President Anthony Carmona should revoke Ramkhelawan’s appointment from the Senate. Ramkhelawan is co-ordinator of the entire Independent bench. 

Rowley, who is in Du­bai, said via text yesterday that notwithstanding any requirement to not compromise any future legal action against persons allegedly involved, the information coming from the Minister of Finance and Independent Senator Subhas Ram-

khe­lawan is wholly unacceptable. 

“The primary purpose of the investigation was to find out what happened so that the population could be properly informed about its assets and it’s business, so that we could repose confidence in all the people who had responsibilities in this matter. 

“We were led to believe that as we exercised patience, an investigation will take place and the findings will be made known at the earliest opportunity, as a response to the prevailing disquiet. 

“To tell us now that this Attorney General has been tasked with handling the report in the manner described can do nothing but firm up earlier suspicions that there is much to hide and that cover-up is a highly likely outcome”.

 Rowley said it was against this background that the Opposition was of the view there must be some information available now which does not damage any future action. 

“We are of the view that the board and other parties such as Senator Ramkhelawan have compromised their positions of trust, and we do not expect them to be exonerated by any credible report. 

“If confidence is to be restored, these parties need to remove themselves from the scene and not hope to hide behind legal niceties when the original problem is one of ethical shortcoming before any law was broken,” he stated.

He added: “Senator Ramkhelawan, as a member of Parliament, is by that fact an extended mo­nitor of FCB, and to have participated in this hoodwinking for benefit as has resulted on the part of bank staff and family makes it now impossible for him to question the bank on this or any similar infraction. 

“He therefore must resign or be removed by His Excellency the President.”