Sunday, December 17, 2017

Rowley calls on Govt to deal with issues


Opposition leader: Dr Keith Rowley

Mark Fraser

OPPOSITION Leader Dr Keith Rowley says the State needs to immediately address the issues involving public workers or else the entire country will be made to suffer because of rapidly increasing industrial action.

Rowley yesterday issued a statement saying the shutdowns organised by the Public Services Association (PSA) were causing “unnecessary hardship” to citizens.

Two months ago, the workers at Immigration Division offices began staying away from duties using health and safety concerns as an explanation.

As a result, people seeking to travel have had their plans cancelled or postponed and many were concerned as to when the problems would be rectified.

On Tuesday, PSA president Watson Duke said a total collapse of the system could happen if Government did not act swiftly to appease workers.

Rowley said yesterday: “It is totally unacceptable that citizens are being held to ransom while Government fails to take appropriate measures to ensure the PSA has no reason to continue with its actions. It is yet another indication that the present administration is unable to efficiently and effectively manage public affairs and seems oblivious to the ongoing distress of the people. When people are unable to conduct regular transactions with State agencies, it is an undeniable sign of dysfunction.”

He added: “Moreover, turning a blind eye to the cries of those being adversely affected amounts to dereliction of duty by those charged to manage our affairs. The Opposition is therefore calling on Government to immediately take urgent steps to relieve the hardships of our citizens who are being made to suffer by taking appropriate steps to ensure all departments are fully functional to meet the needs of the public.”