Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rowley to visitors: Enjoy the show

Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley yesterday wished all citizens a peaceful Carnival. He also welcomed all visitors to this country, those who were experiencing the Carnival for the first time as well as those who had been here before, including Trinbagonians living abroad who are home for the festivities. “Welcome back and enjoy the spectacle,” he said.

In a Carnival message released yesterday, Rowley said the country was about to witness “what has become known as the greatest show on earth for what will surely be two rapturous days”.

Rowley said Carnival was one of the times when as a nation the population demonstrates its creativity, fun-loving nature and, of course, its ability to party like no other. “Unfortunately, however, it is also a time when a few may have a tendency to get carried away by reckless abandonment in one way or another. Thankfully, the vast majority of us know how to have a good time and still practise rational conduct. This has played a great part in attracting people from all over the world to our Carnival,” he said.

“As we get set for the two-day reign of the Merry Monarch, I wish to congratulate all the winners of the various title competitions as well as every artist and their production teams for their contribution to Carnival, your creativity is the lifeblood of the Merry Monarch. I also wish all participants and observers a season marked by good music, merriment and responsible conduct. To those citizens who do not part take in the festival I wish you a peaceful period, however you choose to spend it, at home, at the beaches or in your various camps and trust that you will find fulfilment in whatever you do at this time,” he stated.

As he welcome all visitors to these shores, he said he trusted that they would return after spending a wonderful Carnival.