Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Rowley: I saw the document


Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley.

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The New Flying Squad was on the ground and working as it was given instructions by Garvin Heerah, director of the National Security Operations Centre (NSOC) to report on a situation in Belmont, says

Rowley said, "I saw a document—a letter written to National Security Ministry Jack Warner by citizens of Belmont reporting criminal conduct on the part of others in the community".

He was speaking at a public meeting of the People's National Movement, at Hi-Lo carpark, St Augustine on Tuesday night.

The letter, he said, arrived at the National Security Ministry and was stamped on October 1, 2012.

On October 4, Rowley said Warner wrote at the top of the letter "Heerah look into this matter urgently".

"Heerah calls Cordner and give it to the flying squad and what does Cordner do? Cordner details some of his men to go to Belmont to deal with the issue," said Rowley.

Cordner's team, said Rowley, reported its information to the highest members of the National Security Ministry.

"Isn't that an operation? Isn't that a form of contractual understanding?" asked Rowley, who again called on Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to fire Warner.

"And if the Prime Minister does not do that then the next thing we will do to mobilise in this country is for the dismissal of the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. And if she think she saw crowds in town for Section 34, for section flying squad and section Jack Warner you ain't see nothing yet," he said.

"When your record is Reshmi Ramnarine, Section 34, unknown flying squads, on that basis alone the UNC has destroyed any mandate that they got in 2010....When you can't trust the word of the Prime Minister and her Government time to go to the polls," said Rowley.

Rowley said the Government plans to deal with crime—the precepting of soldiers- was not the way to go as this will worsen the situation and demoralise the Police Service.

He said further the idea of no bail for guns and drugs also needed more thought as he pointed out that Government have to catch the criminals first.

Rowley said the Opposition was willing to sit with the Government and look at laws to protect witnesses.

"The biggest problem we have in Trinidad and Tobago today with this crime problem is that the police stands alone naked and blind," he said.

"People are now seeing murderers unmasked committing murders in front of them but they dare not become a witness in a case against a murderer," he added.

"Tonight I want to call on the Government to come meet with the Opposition, let us look at the laws and make it so that tampering or interfering with a witness in Trinidad and Tobago is worst that the crime you committed," said Rowley.