Sunday, February 18, 2018

Rush for seats

CAL puts on extra Tobago flights

Caribbean Airlines was forced to add additional flights to Tobago using its widebody aircraft after hundreds of people turned up at Piarco International Airport hoping to get standby seats to the sister island for the long Easter weekend.

Standby passengers and others looking to snag a last-minute ticket to Tobago flooded the domestic service counters at Piarco yesterday afternoon.

The Express was told that several hundred people were rushing to pay for seats on CALís usual Tobago fleet of French-made ATR aircraft.

CAL had 17,000 seats available to Tobago this weekend, all of which were sold.

Corporate communications head Clint Williams confirmed that CAL added three standby flights using its widebody Boeing 737 jet aircraft to accommodate additional standby passengers.

Each 737 flight takes 154 passengers.

Williams said CALís third 737 flight was scheduled to leave at midnight and all standby passengers had been accommodated yesterday afternoon.