Friday, January 19, 2018

Ryan plans to file for divorce


faithful supporter: Ryan Rampersadís grandmother, Verro James.

Mark Fraser

Ryan Rampersad intends to file for a divorce from his wife.

In disclosing this yesterday, Rampersad said  the rock in his life during his recovery was his grandmother—Verro James.

On February 24, 2013, Rampersad was one of six persons injured in an accident where off-duty police officer Sherwin Legere ran over pedestrians, claiming the lives of Haydee Paul, 28, and her two daughters, Shakira, seven, and Akasha, eight.

Rampersad, 21, is married to Sally Ann, 20, and is the father of two young children—daughter Naomi, three, and son Nyron, one.

He himself has described his recovery as a miracle, moving from a 98 per cent paralysed vegetative state to talking, eating and moving most of his body on his own.

He cannot walk but is determined to regain mobility and continues his therapy at the St James medical complex three times a week.

One year ago, Rampersad’s joy were his children and every penny from his job as a crane operator for Caribbean Industrial Rentals were dedicated to them.

Following the Express reporting of Rampersad’s  condition and lack of attention at the Port of Spain General Hospital there was an outpouring of love and support for his family.

Donations came from all over the world.

Rampersad said he never received a cent.

He said his grandmother was at his bedside religiously every day for the past year.

He said his grandmother visited him twice daily when he was a patient at the Port of Spain General Hospital and when he was shifted to the St James medical complex, she spent the entire day there from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. helping the doctors and therapist with his rehabilitation and therapy.

Rampersad said his grandmother took care of him since he was one year old and ensured that he went to school although he discontinued his studies at the secondary level.

“She (James) was with me every day, sometimes she would fall asleep at my bedside and I had to hold her hand to make sure she don’t fall,” said Rampersad.

He sang a line of a song which he sings for his grandmother, “Mammy, mammy, you are the one, you buy anything I want.”

Rampersad said he was also grateful to his mother and for her love as well.

He said he yearns to see his children but is praying that he will regain full health and strength to care for them again.

Last month, Sally Ann told the Express that Rampersad’s family said she had “no say” in Rampersad’s life and this had forced her to move to her mother’s Belmont home. 

She said she intends to build a room on her mother’s compound for herself and her children and she vowed that she will never keep them away from their father.

Persons wishing to assist Rampersad can call his grandmother at 495-0137.