Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ryan to spend weekend with family

Sea Lots accident victim Ryan Rampersad will now be spending weekends with his family.

His recovery is improving daily as he spoke to the Express yesterday on the telephone, saying he was happy to be amongst his loved ones.

Rampersad will return to the Physical Rehabilitation Unit at the St James Medical Complex today where his rehabilitation and therapy continue.

He told the Express that he was always happy to be home around his loved ones and eat home-made food.

While Rampersadís body is on the road to recovery, his emotions are in jeopardy.

Last Friday, his wife of three years, Sally Ann Rampersad, appeared on Ian Alleyneís Crime Watch programme, where she claimed that Rampersadís relatives were preventing her from seeing her husband.

Questioned further on the issue yesterday, Sally Ann told the Express that Rampersadís family said she had ďno sayĒ in Rampersadís life and this forced her to move to her motherís Belmont home.

She said she intends to build a room on her motherís compound for herself and her children and she vowed that she will never keep them away from their father.

After they got married, Sally Ann moved into Rampersadís grandmotherís humble home where Rampersad himself constructed a room at the back of the house for his family.

Sally Ann, Rampersad and their two children daughter Naomi, 3, and son Nyron, 1, lived in the one room until Rampersadís accident.

Sally Ann said she loves her husband dearly and will try to make things work.

However, Rampersad told the Express that while he loves his children with all his life he does not want to see his wife. Both Rampersadís mother, Pearl James, and grandmother, Verro James, said they never prevented Sally Ann from seeing Rampersad. They said they listen to and do what Rampersad wants and all he wants is to see and spend time with his children.

On February 24, Rampersad was one of six persons injured in a tragic accident where off-duty police officer Sherwin Legere ran over pedestrians, claiming the lives of Haydee Paul, 28, and her two daughters, Shakira, 7, and Akasha, 8. His recovery gripped national attention as he moved from being in a vegetative state to regaining speech and body functions in under a year.\

óAnna Ramdass