Saturday, February 24, 2018

SEA results out today, 2012 exam will be pushed to May

MORE than 17,000 standard five pupils will receive their Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) results today.

Primary school principals are expected to collect the results at their Educational District Offices at 8 a.m. to later reveal it to pupils at 10 a.m. at their schools, the Education Ministry said in a release yesterday.

Parents can also access the results via text messages if they had registered with the Ministry.

On March 29, a total of 8,787 male and 8,540 female pupils from schools across Trinidad and Tobago wrote the examinations.

Next year, however, the Ministry is planning to move that date to May in order to give the pupils sufficient time to study for the examinations.

Speaking at a ceremony on Tuesday, Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh said "the shift of the SEA from late March to early May was taken to Cabinet for consideration".

"We have gotten the support from the National Parents Teachers Association (NPTA), the denominational boards, we have obtained some tangible support from TTUTA, we have given them the information required for their consideration in terms the issue that will allow for smooth transferability of the date, and they are considering it now and we should hear from them pretty shortly and we are going out to the seven districts in Trinidad, with the support of the THA in Tobago as well, and giving them the facts and information for a public consultation on that issue as well and following that the final determination will be made.

"If it is supported, we will have the exam in May, 2012," he said.

"There were three days in May for consideration, but the most feasible was the early May," he added.

Those successful in the examinations this year will be the second batch to receive a free government-issued laptop computer - an initiative announced during the People's Partnership 2010 election campaign. But, nearing the end of the school year, the initiative was being described as an implementation nightmare by education officials and parents.

Earlier this month, the Express exclusively highlighted some of the problems when it comes to incorporating the high-tech device into the schools' syllabus, ranging from poorly equipped teachers to a lack of Internet capabilities.

Gopeesingh said, however, that they are working on addressing those issues by working with the Caribbean Examination Council to create syllabuses that can incorporate the laptops. In addition to that, he said they are creating a programme to train more teachers in the use of the laptop.

Tenders for the second batch of laptops are expected to be completed by the end of July and according to the Education Minister, next term's first formers should have their Government issued laptop by the end of September.