Monday, January 22, 2018

SRC suggests $64,270 for President

President Anthony Carmona tops the list in terms of compensation recommended by the Salaries Review Commission (SRC).

It recommends he receives a monthly salary of $64,270 tax-free and a duty allowance of $9,650 per month tax-free.

The SRC 98th Report, which was tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday, would have to be debated by the Parliament. The SRC also recommends overseas travel facilities, medical benefits, housing and, where the official residence is not used, a housing allowance of $28,000 per month.

The SRC recommends a vacation of 60 calendar days for the president.

The SRC makes recommendations for the salaries of 300 categories of office, representing 900 people, ranging from the President of the country, the Chief Justice, the Prime Minister, MPs of Parliament, people falling under the Judicial and Legal Service, senior diplomats, other senior public officers, and top managers in the public service.

For the Chief Justice, it recommends a salary of $50,350; for a Justice of Appeal, a salary of $42,020; and a Puisne Judge $37,300.

In terms of housing allowance, the SRC recommends an allowance of $28,000 monthly for the Chief Justice; $24,000 for a Justice of Appeal and Puisne Judge.

SRC recommends all judges receive a travel grant of $69,000 per annum and a judicial contact allowance of $118,000 per annum.

All the benefits of members of the judiciary are exempt from taxes.

The SRC recommends a salary of $31,080 for the Police Commissioner and Chief of Defence Staff.

They are paid a duty allowance of $3,110 per month; a housing allowance of $7,740 per month, where accommodation is not provided; medical benefits and transport facilities, including an official car and loan concessions for a private vehicle, as well as a transport allowance of $3,900 per month.

The SRC recommends the Commissioner of Prisons and Chief Fire Officer receive a salary of $28,720 per month. They should also get a duty allowance, a housing allowance and transport benefits commensurate with the CoP and Chief of Defence Staff, the SRC recommended.

The SRC recommends the same salary as a Cabinet Minister for the chairman of the Tobago House of Assembly—$41,030, with similar perks as a Minister.

For example, the chairman would receive a housing allowance of $12,360 where accommodation is not available.

For chairmen of Commissions, such as the Integrity Commission, the Elections and Boundaries Commission, the Police Service Commission, Equal Opportunities Commission to name a few, the recommended salaries range from $31,950 (for the chairman of the Law Reform Commission) with a housing allowance of $10,080, transport, car loan, overseas travel facilities and other benefits, to $28,720 for the Integrity Commission chairman, with similar benefits, to $24,620 for the EBC chairman with similar benefits.

The recommendations for the Ombudsman—$37,218 per month plus housing of $12,360, annual travelling grant, monthly travelling and other perks; Auditor General—$38,920; housing $12,360; travel grant of $69,000, medical and other benefits.

The same kinds of remuneration are offered to the chairman of the Equal Opportunities Tribunal.

Permanent Secretaries fall basically in the same category—PS to the Prime Minister—$36,430; PS to the Ministry of Finance—$34,440; PS, Chief Personnel Officer, Director of Personnel Administration, Chief Administrator, Tobago House of Assembly—$32,700.

They receive a duty allowance ranging from $7,290 to $3,450 and housing allowance of $7,740 per month.