Saturday, December 16, 2017

SRP expected in court for public misbehaviour

A special reserve police (SRP) constable with three years’ experience was expected to appear before a Sangre Grande magistrate yesterday afternoon charged with misbehaviour in public office.

Police sources told the Express that the 25-year-old SRP was officially charged by acting Inspector Lutchman early yesterday morning following investigations into a licensed firearm which went missing from Biche Police Station last Friday.

He was expected to be brought before the courts late yesterday afternoon. According to police sources, last Friday morning, a sergeant attached to the Biche station lodged his firearm in the building for safe-keeping before going away.

He eventually returned later that day, only to discover that the weapon was missing. A search of the immediate vicinity was conducted but when the weapon could not be found, the sergeant notified his seniors about the situation.

All officers who were on duty that day were questioned and a further search was conducted, but the firearm still could not be located.

That all changed at about 2 a.m. on Sunday when the weapon was found in a bin in the Information Technology Room of the police station.