Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SRP questioned over missing gun

A Special Reserve Police (SRP) Constable is currently being questioned by senior officers of the Eastern Division in relation to a firearm which went missing from the Biche Police Station last week.

According to police sources, on Friday morning a sergeant attached to the Biche police station lodged his firearm in the building for safe keeping before going away.

He eventually returned later that day, only to discover that the hand-held weapon was missing. A search of the immediate vicinity was conducted but when the weapon could not be found, the sergeant notified his seniors about the situation. All officers who were on duty that day were questioned as a result, and a further search was conducted but the firearm still could not be located.

That all changed at about 2 a.m. yesterday when the weapon was reportedly found in the Information Technology room of the police station. A SRP who was near the weapon at the time of its discovery has been questioned. Up to press time, police sources said inquiries were still continuing, but it was emphasised that the SRP had not been charged or arrested. Police were continuing their investigations.