Monday, December 18, 2017

SRP asks for protection in jail

Charged with armed robbery...


SAFETY CONCERNS: SRP Angus Ramsundarsingh on his way to the Princes Town Magistrates' Court yesterday. —Photo: INNIS FRANCIS

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Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer Angus Ramsundarsingh, who last worked escorting prisoners, yesterday asked for protection from them while in custody on the charge of robbery of over half a million dollars.

"He has been having close contact with them (prisoners). It is a danger to him ...We are not asking for special conditions but that proper security be put in place when he is transported to and from Remand Yard," attorney Richard Valere said.

He also asked for protection for his client while he is in the holding bay at the courthouse.

Police prosecutor Stacy Chance said the police officers at the court had no authority over the prison service and transportation of Ramsundarsingh.

But Magistrate Rae Roopchan said the concerns raised may be valid.

"He is a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, there may be safety concerns with respect to him and the remand community at the prison. If these concerns can be raised with the Prison Authority, maybe something can be put in place."

In asking for bail for his client, Valere said Ramsundarsingh, 38, was a family man with children between the ages of seven years to six months.

Chance objected to bail.

She said Ramsundarsingh had no previous or pending matters before the court but the offences were serious and according to the charges, firearms were used during the alleged robbery.

It was alleged that last Sunday at the M1 Tasker Road, Princes Town, Ramsundarsingh had a revolver and ammunition in his possession without being the holder of a licence.

It was also alleged that at the same location, he and others shot at constables Brent Cabrera and Shannon Ali with intent to do them grievous bodily harm.

The charge was read that Ramsundarsingh, together with others armed with guns, allegedly robbed Michael Norton of $500,000, three Automatic Banking Machine (ABM) cassettes, a 1.357 Smith and Wesson revolver valued $5,000, six rounds of ammunition costing $24, and a red carry bag valued at $395, while at Craignish Village, Princes Town.

Ramsundarsingh also faced the charge of robbing Chan Seepersad of $40,000 cash and ABM cassettes, a revolver, ammunition and a red carry bag also at Graignish village, Princes Town.

He was not called upon to plead to any of the charges which were laid indictably by Constable Bryan Dookie.

Magistrate Rae Roopchan said the bail must reflect the seriousness of the allegation and placed Ramsundarsingh on $350,000 bail to cover all the charges. The bail is to be approved by the Clerk of the Peace and Ramsundarsingh is to have two sureties.

The magistrate also ordered that Ramsundarsingh surrender his passport and report to the Oropouche Police Station twice a week.

Ramsundarsingh had given the addresses of both his father in Point Fortin and his wife in Oropouche but said he lived at the latter.

Before the matter was adjourned to September 7, Valere called for the prosecution to hand over a copy of a statement he said Ramsundarsingh gave to the police last Tuesday.

Valere claimed it "was not given of his own free will".