Thursday, January 18, 2018

Salybia gets $3.4m fish landing facility


DIGNITARIES: Candice Gray-Bernard, left, Senior Fisheries Engineer; Permanent Secretary Ms Myrna Thompson; Dr Mario Fortune, Chief Technical Officer; Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj and his adviser Calvin James view the newly-constructed concrete slipway on Wednesday after the opening of the Salybia Fish Landing Facility.

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FISHER FOLK at Salybia, located along the north east coast, benefited from a $3.4 million facility on Wednesday which gives them improved facilities to store their catch.

Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj was among a team of officials who formally opened the fish landing facility which took close to four and a half months to complete.

"There are about 14 vessels operating from this site with gillnets being the main fishing gear used targeting carite and kingfish and approximately 30 fishers derive their livelihood from this commercial operation," Maharaj said.

He said his Ministry has embarked on a programme to upgrade existing or establish proper fish landing facilities throughout the country after consultation with the fishing communities. To date, he said, about 14 facilities have been completed.

The sale of fish and vessel repairs are prohibited from near the site.

Works completed included the following:

Construction of a vinyl sheetpile seawall and rock toe protection (to prevent further erosion)

Construction of concrete slipway (assist in launching and pulling up of vessels)

Refurbishment of the net repair area and existing engine locker rooms

Upgrade of the toilet and bath facility

Construction of covered vendor parking bay and provision of ice storage facility (assist in preserving quality of fish that is delivered to consumers)

Provision of health and safety equipment

Painting and fencing of facility

Paving of the surrounding area and provision of security infrastructure (lighting).