Tuesday, January 16, 2018

‘Samaroo deserves it’

“It seems kind of weird.” St Augustine Campus emeritus Prof Gordon Rohlehr, a commentator on calypso and culture, made this comment after learning eight prominent citizens including the late senior counsel Dana Seetahal will be confered with posthumous awards for their distinguished service to the country.

Rohlehr told the Sunday Express: “These are all people who have made significant achievements and it seems kind of weird to be honouring them in cases like Rudolph Charles. And I don’t know what honouring them means at this point. It may mean it may not have living people to honour so they are searching the realms of the dead.”

Meanwhile his former colleague Prof Brinsley Samaroo, an historian and lecturer, will be conferred with the Chaconia Medal (Gold) today for long and meritorious service in the sphere of education and public service.

Asked to share his sentiments, Rohlehr said: “Samaroo finds himself in good company. He richly merits whatever honour he gets.”

Prof Bridget Brereton, chairman of the committee that recommended the Trinity Cross be changed to the ORTT, said yesterday: “I have no problem with the fact that the ORTT is not being awarded this year. This is the nation’s highest award. And by its very nature, it should only be awarded very sparingly. Therefore, there may well be years in which the nation’s highest award is not awarded.”

Posthumous awardees:

Brigadier Gen Joseph Theodore

Dana Seetahal

Rudolph Charles

Michael Ronald Als

Maurice Soong

Bolan Ramdass Amar

Azad Abass Ali

Nicholas Seucharan