Friday, January 19, 2018

Sando staff clear backlog after full day

THE Immigration Division office in San Fernando had to deal with dozens of annoyed peo­ple and a backlog of work yesterday after being forced to open for the entire day for the first time this week.

However, by afternoon, many had left with their documents and by about 2 p.m., there was only one person asking for a new passport.

He was told there was no guarantee as to when he would be able to get a new one if he applied yesterday.

On Thursday, the Industrial Court granted an injunction preventing the Public Services Association (PSA) from taking further industrial action at the Immigration Division because the national interest was being threatened by it.

That day, the San Fernando office was opened for half the day, with PSA president Watson Duke advising staff to leave by noon.

The South office wor­kers have complained of an unspecified electrical problem and a water leak as grounds for closing the

building and staying at home.



 Citizens affected by the shut-down

Among the people affected by the industrial action was Angela Marine, who now has to wait two months for a passport she applied for on May 10. 

Marine was hoping to travel last Saturday to help take care of her grandson who is about to undergo surgery in the United States.

Marine said she was told she needed to obtain a medical form regarding the surgery and take that to the Immigration Division office.

Marine told the Express that on Monday, she will take the form to the head office in Port of Spain because she feels she may have a chance of getting her passport faster there.

Bally Mahabir, a US resident, was also ex­pec­ted to travel last week. 

He is still in Trinidad awaiting his local