Thursday, December 14, 2017

Sando boardwalk 'not only waterfront project'

SAN FERNANDO Mayor Navi Muradali said yesterday there was a misconception that the boardwalk was the only project in the city's waterfront development.

Muradali said this initiative was just one part of the project being down in tandem with the Ministry of Planning.

"We (the San Fernando City Corporation) had indicated that we would undertake beautification of the area directly in front of the PTSC (Public Transport Service Corporation) next to Hatters (steelband side). We would also undertake the upgrade of the fish market and are also looking at the possibility of using the old railway building as a museum," Muradali said during the monthly statutory meeting at City Hall on Tuesday.

He said there was public consultation on all the projects and the Ministry of Planning had also set up a committee to look at the feasibility of the medium to long-term projects for the waterfront development.

Muradali said a waterfront project was not undertaken in the past because of budget constraints. "Our CEO by an Act is permitted to spend a certain amount of money, I believe $300,000.

Much of what we would like to do, once it exceeds that limit, we have to send it to the Central Tenders Board", he said. The waterfront project was undertaken by Muradali's predecessor, Marlene Coudray, before she resigned and became a government minister.

Muradali also disclosed that Harris Promenade was being upgraded to bring life to the area and there will be wireless Internet connection to allow for students to use their computers and smartphones in this space.